My mama and her husband live in Maine and James and I really enjoy visiting. This year they are both dealing with health issues, so we spend a few lovely hours at their house each day, then slip off to our own place when they need to rest. Mama suggested that we might want to check out the Windsor Fair, which has been taking place since 1888. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! First there were Monster Trucks: Buckshot, Lumberjack, Student Driver, Storm Damage, Toxic, and local favorite Crushstation, who, yes, is shaped like a lobster.

My first Monster Trucks! Turns out to be rather like figure skating; there is a set time and set of tasks to accomplish, and then points for things like how vertical they get and different maneuvers like donuts.
Crushstation (GET IT?! ZOMG) was a local favorite, but sadly had mechanical issues after this round and was not able to return. We wondered if the hard landing at 00:35 had to do with this. The delighted whooping women in the bottom of the frame quickly became our new buddies when I asked a couple of questions. 
We moved up against the trackside fence as the huge sliver of crescent moon dropped toward the horizon and got brighter. 

And then it got dark and we slipped off to ride the Ferris Wheel. I probably haven't ridden one in decades. I remember I used to quake with terror on them, but now it was nothing but fun; a simple machine and though the tallest ride, clearly less likely to have a dangerous fail than the thrill rides that involve centrifugal force

Can't you hear it calling you? SO SHINY!
Lights! Tickets! Action!
Imagine my surprise at finding this one! Didn't realize I was recording, and yes, all that silly noise is my genuine delight. Hee hee!

Last but not least, we had Ribbon Fries, which are thin, spiral-cut, fried potatoes. In some places they are as crispy as a potato chip and in others they have a little squish. They were fried in good clean oil, lightly salted, and came with dipping sauces. I had mayo and James had ranch, and the plate was like 2/3 the size of a human head. They were so good we had a second one, with BBQ for James and more mayo for me. We weren't hungry again until about noon the next day.

Best date night we've had in ages. Thanks, Mainers!