Oh, you tender and precious bit of stardust! Happy Spring! Happy Equinox! We have entered the season where the light is greater than the darkness. Ahhhhh. I wish to offer you opportunities for integration, for mending, for peace. Here is what I've cooked up for you:

The Gentlest Spring Retreat (SOLD OUT)

March 27-April 25
Donation-based, pay what you wish if you can

Email me to register
For four weeks I will share a weekly teaching and invite you to practice Rest, Nourishment, and Expression. I will offer suggestions and you will choose; the practice can be very simple or as intense as you might wish. I am offering a loom; you will weave upon it, engaging in creative, mindful action, we will share about this in small groups. I believe that this will naturally lead you to integration, healing, and rejuvenation. Details are here. The other events that follow here are on Zoom; they can be included in the experience of retreat or they can be enjoyed individually. I'd love to discuss any questions you have about participating.

Meditation Gathering (OPEN)

Wednesdays, 8-8:55am Pacific Time, ongoing
Donation-based, pay what you wish if you can

Email me for the Zoom code, or check your mail if you are on the being list!
We aim for about 15 minutes of opening conversation, 25 minutes of meditation, and 10 minutes of closing conversation. Whether your camera is off or on is absolutely up to you; one of my regular students sometimes attends from the bath, which could not make me happier! This is time for you. New beginners and experienced meditators are welcome alike. You are encouraged to sit, lie down, or shake like a wet dog as your own inner knowing guides you. My way with meditation is loving and creative. I am usually available from about 10 minutes before we begin and for a while after our formal closing for conversation if you wish to touch base with me.

Loving Yourself: Self-Massage and Deep Relaxation Workshop (OPEN)

8-9:30am Pacific Time Saturdays April 3 & 17th, Sunday April 11
Donation-based; pay what you wish if you can

Email me for the Zoom code, or check your mail if you are on the being list!
These are heavenly! I lead simple, gentle massage and movement focused on your face, neck, and shoulders; things that are easily done sitting on the chair, couch, bed, or in the bathtub over Zoom without contortion. After we get ourselves softened up, we settle down for a sweet guided deep relaxation practice. Folks have said: "I feel so much better now it’s amazing. I feel like I can fly now," and "I felt grounded today for the first time in a very long time." My mama's review is: "I FEEL LIKE I TOOK A HOUSE OFF OF ME!" If you can use both of your hands, you can do this. If it is difficult to use your hands or you only have one, reach out and we can discuss.

Daylong Nourishing Virtual Retreat (OPEN)

Sunday April 25, 8am-4:30pm Pacific Time
Donation-based; pay what you wish if you can

Email me for the Zoom code, or check your mail if you are on the being list!

8-8:50 Opening and Meditation
9-10:30 Gentle Yoga and Deep Relaxation
10:30-11:30 Brunch Break
11:30-12:15 Self-Massage and Deep Relaxation
12:30-1:30 Pranayama (Yogic Breathwork) and Meditation
1:45-2:45 Satsang - Spiritual Conversation
3-4:30 Gentle Stretching and Final Relaxation or Meditation

I'll be capping this season of self-renewal with a sweet, luxurious day of self-care! YES, it's definitely okay if you can or wish to attend just part of the day; all of this is here for you. I would like you to have this useful tidbit when considering that: when I held my retreats in person and said, "Yes, it's okay if you come late on the first day," to folks who thought they couldn't leave work early on Friday, almost every single time those were the first people to arrive at the next retreat, having taken the whole day off. At the end of every retreat ever, everyone says they wish it could just keep going. Give yourself as much as you can, darling!


What's the Zoom code?
I am using one code for all of my public events. If you've had one in 2021, that's it. Please feel free to email me for it at any time, or check your email if you're on the being list.

What's this about lists?
1. I have an email list for my teaching practice. When I have something to offer, it gets a simple plaintext email. I include the Zoom code on all those emails. 2. James and I have an email list for this blog about our life aboard the good ship Rejoice. On Tuesdays, Mailchimp checks to see if there was a blog post that week and sends a handsome email with post links so folks can see what's new. No post, no email. Drop me a line to discuss either! We're so grateful to stay connected as we wander. We will never sell, trade, or give your information to anyone.

How much is the suggested donation?
Thanks to the magic of the internet, my sangha (spiritual community) is all over the world! I am striving during this difficult time to offer spiritual support with as much flexibility as possible. I realize some folks squirm about setting their own price, but if I suggest a price in USD, even the low end of a sliding scale can be quite imposing for folks in other economies. If you are able, I encourage you to simply think about what you'd expect to spend for what I'm offering in your local area. It's okay to let your presence be the gift if that's what you have to offer! And don't feel shy about small offerings; it all adds up! Every contribution is warmly appreciated by me.

Do I have to turn my camera on?
Nope! Totally up to you. If it feels nourishing to be seen, leave it on! If it feels restful not to be seen, turn it off!

Who are you?
Hi! I'm Kristie Dahlia Home. I've been teaching spiritual arts for over 25 years. You can find a bio on this retreat page. I'd love to meet you.

Will I be safe in your community?
The bywords I use in holding sacred space are unconditional love and exquisitely clear boundaries. I am a white, cis, pansexual, nonmonogamous woman. I strive to be an antiracist and believe this is true of the people who study with me. I list my name and personal pronoun on my Zoom profile and include pronouns with names in any introduction process. If you do not understand this, I'd be delighted to discuss it with you.