We're all in this together. We wanted to share with you a few things we're doing to ease all of our efforts to flatten the curve, both here in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle and in the wider world.

For the first time, Dahlia has made several of her guided meditation, relaxation, and energy work sessions available for free on her website. If you've wondered what her work was like, or are looking for something to hold on to in this uncertain time, I can't recommend spending some time there highly enough. During the pandemic, she is using her class announcement email list to share teaching as a gift to anyone who wishes it. If you'd like to receive that, drop her a line. If you're in Banderas Bay, tune in to VHF channel 68 fifteen minutes after the morning net for a live guided meditation.

James reads three daily reports to get a handle on the pandemic's spread in Mexico and across the world. For Mexico-specific COVID-19 information, the Mexican Federal Health Secretary publishes a two page daily report called the "Comunicado Tecnico Diario COVID-19" with maps and current numbers. They also make available the "Tabla Casos Positivos COVID-19", or a list of positive cases including patient locations. For the global perspective, the World Health Organization publishes a ten page daily report called the "COVID-19 Situation Report". The websites these come from are hard for a lot of people to navigate, so James has made an archive of these three reports by date as a service for the cruising community.

We have no immediate plans to leave Banderas Bay. Thanks to the tireless work of Cat Liana and Mike Danielson, few places seem safer to us right now. We're still preparing for the Sea of Cortez, but also waiting to see how Mexico ports will change as the spread of COVID-19 increases in the days and weeks to come. We're about two weeks behind the United States, so it's hard to know how the story will evolve.

Dahlia, getting her cardio in

In the meantime, we're cozy here in our tiny house on the sea. We look forward to stargazing each night, celebrating one small silver lining of this pandemic: the skies get clearer and clearer every day we humans stay home. Stay safe out there, we're all in this together.

Thanks to Federico Beccari on Unsplash for the night sky photograph