I spoke too soon with my post about the magnificently absurd charity race here last week, as several more people have shared their documentation. The story is in that post and here's a little more art about it!

Sandra Roussey made a great video to submit to the Summer Sailstice organizers about our local event. 
Three smiling people on paddleboards at a dock, side by side. Two of them are holding rainbow-themed umbreallas.
Our friend Donsie Halcione got this awesome shot of me, James, and our neighbor Randy waiting for the start. 
Dahlia on a paddleboard in a lunge position holding an umbrella high. All of the image is in black and white except the rainbow umbrella. .  u
Donna came by with a thumb drive to share these photos. I'm so touched! She made this wonderful version as well. 

Once again, this event was a fundraiser for the El Cora Santuaria de Crocodilos, a local animal sanctuary which we visited in March. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful art projects!